yeah i was surprised, its not that great, but there are some very solid tracks on the album 10000x better than what i thought it was gonna be

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[Quote] i have this one. qulity is great, nice fit and great price. you cant go wrong with it

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[Quote] i told him i didnt know how fast i was going and they i never ever speed, and that i was going to class and I was going up hill and then coasting on the newly paved road and was braking. so i never admitted to speeding, but it seems hard to convice a judge that i wasent speeding at all from what he said i was saying 26mph over. but I guess my plan is to go to court say my statment and say i was sppededing a bit, but no way i was going close to 26 over, and try to get it reduced i guess. would that work?

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[Quote] like how much, can you give me an idea of how much it is gonna go up? also can this be brought down in court?

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has anyone ever contested a speeding ticket? Well i just got one today for going 26mph over and a ticket of 240$ and 5 poionts on my lisence. Since I am 17 year old male my insurance is going to go up alot. Well I was late for class and i know I was speeding a bit, but not close to 26mph. I was coasting at a slightly downhill part on very newly paved road that hasent even been painted yet, and the cop was going the other direction in the oppisite lane. So I dont think i was going near 26 over and i was braking as he saw me, because it was at a slope. So I am thinking about contesting the ticket in court, but 26 over seems hard to contest, and I hvae no proof other than what just old you guys, so is it worth contesting? because if it doesnt go in my favor I have to pay an additional 50$ fee to my ticket. So has anyone had previous experience for going to court for a ticket, and what is your opinon if I can win the case. Thanks

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uniqlo has the nicest peacoats right now, great quality and design and fit for 100$. I just bought one yesterday and i love it, bought it in a charcoal grey

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great movie. loved it. very funny and creative.

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number one will be jay-z since he just put out an album. number 5 i bet is Drake, then 4. is eminem, 3. is kanye, 2. is wayne. and number one will be jay-z.

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jerkin, lv coin purses

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its fall, getting a bit cold. Looking for a peacoat. wondering what you guys though was a nice peacoat and what brand makes it. looking for something more fitted, and has some nice details too it. but not looking to dropp alot. what are some nice peacoats?

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it was a terrible movie

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Anyone fans of Brian Wood. Really dope graphic tees and collection stuff. The Fall season coming out is gonna be crazy. Check out the website: [URL]

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ummm wtf...............

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aye aye aye

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seems like you use the type thing most guys do

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