Simpson Futurama Mhh they realy nice after Simpsons at QEE now Futurama at Kidrobot - intersting - would be nice to see an invers thing as well

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Whoo i found some cool images from the Coarsetoys release to SDCC 2009 - its the PAW Spectrum an amazing collectable and whuahh only 50 pices - damit i would like to have all 3 of them you guys like this toy or sculpture as much as i blushing Check out the pics on

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ah i like the glwo in the dark ones :-)

Replied in Toy Pickups, 2 Weeks ago in Arts i tink they have good quality and as well excelent tools and serivces

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nice nice - i like them as profile pics on facebook soemtimes

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yep movies have to be converted - or you have got a "hacked" iphone than its different but when official as most ppl you have to conver it but simple way is to get the movie from the itunes store.. good quality etc.

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Nice nice Thats realy a nice toy - go go go

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