Looking for something similar, but at a cheaper pricepoint... Quality is important though, not represent made in China super cheap ish. Thanks Hypebeasters. [Image]

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I got a size 12 and I'm a very true size 12 and I'm going to be heated if they are way too big..... Anyone have some advice? Would Adidas swap me out if they're too big?

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Does anyone know any company that makes a jacket like is described in the title? An all black, windbreaker esque jacket with a gold zipper? It doesn't necessarily have to be a windbreaker, just a lighter jacket that I can layer underneath a coat. I saw someone walk by in Washington Square wearing one today and it was really dope. I need to cop ASAP ! Please help me with any suggestions. A light black jacket with a gold zipper. Thank you all blushing

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Me and my family have thousands of acres in Mississippi and are planning on throwing a festival in April 2015. I want to know on a serious tip, what bands or rappers you on Hypebeast would want to see on that lineup.If you regularly frequent summer festivals or do not, what artists would draw you to a 2 day fest 2 hours from NOLA?

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[Image]the boss himself

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Lately I've really wanted some Rick Owens stuff but as a college student can't afford it. These are the two pieces in particular that I love. Dropcrotch sweatshorts with extra long ties, and black/white extra high top leather sneakers.  [Image] [URL]

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Anyone have suggestions on brands that make these ?  Looking for something like this http://adyn.co.uk/collections/s-s-13/products/black-paneled-shorts

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Who makes an affordable version of extra long "hip hop Ts"? (Fear of God, Kanye for APC style… just long T shirts.) [Image]

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Help me out here ! I'm looking for some perfect distressed light wash jeans as well as black jeans/pants. I like a tapered cut, not so tight thighs, but a smaller calf and opening. I've been told that ksubi and ACNE both make nice products, but was curious if anyone had some specific recommendations. Thanks A lot

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Ok I'm 21 now and getting older. Trying to have a few nice pieces as apposed to a bunch of trendy shit.  So what are some pieces you guys consider classics ? (aside from everything APC makes..)  I live in Miami so keep in mind I don't really have winter clothes, and need a lot of shorts. currently++ -some uniqlo twill shorts , and a pair of publish shorts -supreme Ts and some STAMPD tanks -gant button downs, flannel and denim -black 511 levi -zanerobe sureshot -classic black white and grey Ts -mayflys  -sk8 his -clark desert boots I need some advice on shorts, I have a pair of publish which are fresh but have a really hard time finding cool shorts.

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Any one have some suggestions for ones similar to Petit New Standards or Acne Maxs, but a cheaper alternative ?  I like a tapered fit with a really small opening, but not skin tight in the thighs.... Help me out please !  Cheers

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I'm looking for some black pants that fit perfectly. Not too snug in the thighs, but really tapered and slim in the openings. Some that look good rolled up, and some that will last me a while and I can wear a ton.  My friend showed me a company from New Zealand or maybe Australia called something like Gtsby but I can't remeber exactly.  Acne's look cool, but the fit doesn't look exactly right. If anyone has some suggestions I'd really appreciate it. I've seen alot of people rocking RRL lately.

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Nice quality, not super thin, and fit well, not too boxy or too slim...

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[Image] These are tooooo fresh but dropped in like 2011. Anyone have info/a pair?

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