old guru hentai artsu brolictaps nice fits all around

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Haven't been here forever but had an idea. A majority of us all desire jobs in similar industries. Lets link up on Linked In? Its always bet to have more connections/ be viewed as having a large network. Who knows, maybe some HBers can help each other out.

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warby parker

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anyone in seoul? hit me with the pm

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you might want to ask onĀ [URL]

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Not entirely sure why but i fucking hate those long line bandanna t shirts. Like you look like a plug. [Image] gay ass shit like this

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the irony of posting you miss HB on HB

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just uninstalled the game. any tips for staying away from it? this shit really is worse than crack.

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seems like you try to hard to go fancy with it. Do some greasey comfort food thats quick to make and I'd be more interested

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[Image] I am thinking like this, but i slept on these. I definitely want a tapered look and not just straight army camos. Any suggestions? Fits with camo pants/ cargoes are cool too.

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I think it is definitely easier to europeans to just pick up and travel to multiple countries, but as a North American you have so much diversity in the united states alone that it feels like multiple countries. Going to San Francisco and Chicago feels different to me the same way going to Barcelona and Lisbon feels, if that makes sense. Visiting all of the United States provides the diversity of multiple countries. @manusoasoa, i would spend more time in Lisbon; Algarve is nice if you enjoy chilling on the beach but besides that I felt it lacked things to do besides drink and beach (Can't complain)

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hey toronto fam, what clubs/bars should me and my buddy go to this weekend? we are from the west coast.

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You will regret it and constantly think 'what if'?' if you never go there.

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looking to go to Seoul to live in the coming monthes. Anyone been there before?

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