fail thread.

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I like this page

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^ the post is filled with win.

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camo pants are a pass.

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this page is full of fail.

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w t f. impossiblez.

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I like this thread.

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man when are those sbs hitting gdft? so sick of waiting for their releases.

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fanboy? I'm likin NBHD Evisu

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Anyone been to Group Seven? Do they sell Nike SB? And how are their evisus?

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Yeah, if they give it to Xbox, I will personally throw my Ps3 the window. What ticked me off was they gave FF13 to the 360. now I have to get one.

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My dream car [Image]

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Decent condition enough to rock with! Prices are up to you. We can decide on something reasonable PM me please if you got Sz 11 or 11.5 I can work with it.

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