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this shit is so fuckin swag [Image] Mexico Drug Hitman Is 12-Year-Old Boy [URL]

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This shit needs to happen, but Freddie Roach is too bitch made to let it happen smh [Image]

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brendan been linking this girl in the sb for like 20 minutes straight [Image]

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[URL] how you gonna stab someone more than 20 times and not kill them?

Started by little indian guy from the 40 y/o virgin convicted for attempted murder, 2 Weeks ago in Off Topic


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best fight ive ever seen [URL]

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one of the illest nigs out. too bad his albums releasing the same day as detox though smh. [URL]

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this is overdue bitches on my dick cuz i look like jesus nikki minaj im the finest bitch out, ya feel me we're in england right now nyyyaaah

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[URL] pretty dope videosmokeyface

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anybody hyped for this? i found some gameplay footage on youtube and it looks like it's gonna be the best one yet. [URL]

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