Anyone know new brands that are getting popular ?  Clothing ~ Accessories ~ Sunglasses

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Hi guys, i have just a couple questions to ask about which network works well to reach Korean and Japanese customers. I am selling things on [URL] it seems popular in Korea but i can't open an account as foreigner. What do you guys suggest me ? Craigslist ? Thank you in advance  xx

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[Quote]I did that. I got some connections today. I am still asking because it's my business and i am trying to do my best for it blushing I will be in Hong Kong for the New Year  party by the way. tnx

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I am interesting to buy Brands for the store i need to work just with official distributors. Could you please tell me the distributor name for the brads that i need? Japan and hong, both blushing talking about no name items, it's interesting for  a side business. Do you have any personal contact in china? tnx

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The company will be open in Japan. As i know i have to deal with Japanese distributors and that's what i am looking for. I mentioned Hong Kong just in case somebody knows clothing/shoes warehouses where buying  brands that i need. HK it's cheaper because of Tax.  Tnx

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Hello guys, this my first post hereblushing I would like to ask to the Asian something about clothing/shoes suppliers. I own a shop in Europe and i am planning to open a company in Japan soon. I am looking for suppliers/distributor in Asia. The brands that i am interesting in are street brands like: Nike, Converse, Vans, Adidas, ksubi, Rayban. I would be great having suppliers in Hong Kong. I am not going to push anybody to answer me. Just in case you guys woud like to help me, i will appreciate. Best XX

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