I really like these. Does anyone know where they will be available and when? I assume you'll be able to get them at Nom in nyc, but where else? Thanks.

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I thought it would be a good idea to have a denim pics thread. I think it would be really helpful/useful. People can post pics of their denim and how long they wore 'em and how many washes etc. If no one's down for the idea we can just let this float to the bottom, but if not I think it would make a good sticky. So yeah, post your denim. smokeyface

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Anyone know where to get the more limited vans (like vault or marc jacobs or any of the collabos) in the Philadelphia area (or good online spots if there are any)? Thanks for the help, I'm lookin to cop a lot of vans so it would be good to know where to gett them, haha. I know Ubiq sells 'em. edit: also if anyone knows what vans ubiq has right now lemme know blushing

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quick question. If I buy something from CAnada (I live in the US) are there any customs charges? Thanks in advace.

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Alright, so i hate it when people do this but i'm going to do it now (i'm ashamed haha) but anyway how does stussy fit? Their hoodies and jackets that is. I am specifically interested in the fit on the pop art hoodie and the civilian camo jacket. Thanks in advance smokeyface

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i'm not sure what to do in this situatuion so i wanted to ask for some advice. i just bought a pair of shoes (something that just came out) from a mailorder place in cali (i'm in philly) and now another place has the same shoes for way way way cheaper (like 35 dollars cheaper not taking shipping into account smh ) I'm not sure if it's worth it or not to return the more expensive ones and buy the cheaper ones cause i'm not sure the places return policy (like idk, if i'd have to pay shipping, i assume i would) if i did the loss on the two sets of shipping would be like 22 dollars. I need help fast i'm conflicted about what to do. and if your just gonna post hate don't bother. Please help me out! Thanks.

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