haha, sorry, theres shit in denver niketown is good as it gets

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..or are AF1's/Dunks some of the ugliest shoes out there? I just cant stand them. Everything is out of proportion, and theres so much god damn detail its an eyesore. You got the curvy lace holders, the thousands of notches alongside it, the bumpy front and backs, the ugly toebox, the ugly holes on the toebox, the sole that is about ten times too big... i dunno, i just dont understand dunks. but im a faggot, ive never found a sneaker ive truly ever liked, and dont play on me for being a running sneaker fan kus im far from it - those beat the dunks in terms of overkill detail. but damn, i think id rather perform my own circumcision than ever be caught with those spaceboy boots

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Yeah, a little unconventional... I'm looking for some DC's in this ad: [URL] I really dunno where to ask, but figure'd this would be the place They're the WHITE ones... the kid in the black jeans and tan jacket. I scanned this ad off my year old issue of Transworld Surf. I CANNOT (!!) find them fucking anywhere, even Zappos doesnt carry em All I need is a name

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zappos has fucken everything imho, i dont like the prison issues, they look like the shoes id wear when i was maybe 5

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jesus sometimes i cant believe that i would have NEVER considered buying shit from the source

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[Quote] lol, i do that shit

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lol i just assumed they were called michigans (some of the dunk names actually make sense) cos they were the michigan state colours the real michigans hardly make the mark

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home of carmelo anthony.... and that's about it (fuck iverson) Is there anyone around town that knows any good Nike SB shops, cos the only places I've had luck with are just NikeTown on the 16th street mall ... denver doesnt have shit, i really gotta say

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You guys might think they're a little faggy looking, but i cant keep myself from liking em [URL] but since im on this, the only place i can find them is zappos.com, and they don't have them in 12's... other ideas (besides ebay)?

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[URL] huge supply of adidas, good service

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i've seen those at the urban outfitters store - [URL] - kinda homo store in all truth, but they have some sick vans

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you guys look extremely short

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this is gonna sound pretty retarded... ...but how do you guys get the unwashed look to your jeans? do you just never ever wash them? I buy levis btw

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it looks like somebody's garage with a shitload of shoes' i dunno if it's just me, but i hate when they try to be artistic in their stores... by doing nothing at all

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thanks for the quick reply bud, but i still KNOW those bocas are not it. i remember seeing the shoes literally reflect all the hallway lights upon it and the blueis a darker shade

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