Shane Day is cheating and was able to get over 140 vote overnight. I was originally in first place (Christopher Pham) but somehow magically he got from 200 to 420 votes in one night lol.. Anyways please allow and like this page + VOTE : Thanks HB. original thread here :

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[b]TL;DR , CLIFF [/b]: - [b]VOTE Below for - Christopher Pham :[/b] : Hey guys! Please spare me 1-2 minutes of your time. Provided are the steps! I really need to win this! 1. LIKE this page: (If you don't, your votes will not count!) 2. VOTE (Christopher Pham) Go to: (YOU CAN VOTE ONCE PER FACEBOOK TILL THE 28TH, PLEASE DO SO!) - Don't forget to Share this on your FB wall, THANKS! - This website is doing a cash/gift certificate give away. Last year I lost 130 lbs of primarily fat and need that cash/gift certificate to get some new clothes as I have been wearing nothing but gym stuff/sweats. [b]Vote Here[/b] : Below is the colored version of my piece you will be voting for the black and white version under the name : [b]Christopher Pham.[/b] [Image] Best Regards, Chris p.s. I will be posting up my lifting routine and diet for anyone interested after this contest.

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Good watch couldn't stop laughing through the whole movie.

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