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I have a few pairs of kicks for sale. They are all ds. PM me or IM me at djxxsuperxxnova or email me at [email]dj.super.nova@gmail.com[/email] DS Grapes sz. 12 : $250.00 shipped (+ 4% if using paypal) [Image] Contact me for more pictures.

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i was in LA over winter break and them dudes are definitely not cool....as soon as you walk in you feel uncomfortable

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only feeling that....white t-shirt....definitely hot design

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their hoodies look too similar every season....their t-shirts are dope though...

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thanks...using them tonight

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feeling the purple hoody....need something for my purple pigeons

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anyone know what sites have them?

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black toes jordan I's are hot...not so much the bumble bee joints

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dry....as well as the do it right spiz'ikes

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unlucky's...but be very cautious

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something cool for the 80's babies....lol

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dunks are okay....nothing really special

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cool idea....cement is always classic

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