Bringing a post back from the dead. I wish this was still available, PM'd you anyway option.

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Two flakers on RESN's, c'mon help a dude out!

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still looking, really chasing RESN. thanks!

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Hey guys, looking for the following SB in size 12's, 11.5 if the price is right, REALLLY would love to get 12's. Post here, PM, or the BEST method is via email! Thanks! Mark/ [email][/email] 1. Nike SB x Supreme Air Trainer (red) 2. Nike SB Reese Forbes Hunters 3. Nike SB Gucci/RESN dunks 4. Nike SB Lobster dunks (red) Thanks! :D

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oh if only these were 11.5-12's. smh

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Gamespot's video review says there is a huge difference between the ps3 and 360. 360's colors are better, and game runs much more smoothly vs the ps3 where its much more grainy and has some significant fps dips.

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I'm from the Lehigh Valley, PA. About 10 mins outside of Phillipsburg, NJ. Anyone in that area? Hit me up on PM or aim: djmarkfierce

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Ah, haha thanks dude! In that interview he came off much less douche-y than normal. I couldn't have agreed more in the past. So its the coin purse chained to a wallet changed to belt loop?

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Hey guys, I know absolutely nothing when it comes to LV and their accessories. I saw this in a recent video interview with Terry Kennedy from Supra shoes, thought it looked really cool, sort of interested to see what the deal is. I managed to cop a screen shot of the video and upload it here. I figured certainly someone would have ALOT more knowledge on these accessories. Thanks! Mark. [Image]

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Eyeing that tiff Diamond tee hard.

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I work for Tmobile/Blackberry. Can pretty much get whatever you'd like, including the new BB 8900. Nothing unlocked, thats all on you. Hit me up.

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Been trying to cop these for a minute now. Looked all over, hollah at me! Thanks! Mark.smokeyface

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I've been a huge Cam/Diplomats fan for a number of years now. I've been waiting for some time for everything to come back together and it looks like Cam finally is ready to start up again. Its a shame he pretty much lost everyone in the Diplomats but he told Ms.Information in an interview that he's just going to build a whole new crew and build new stars all over again. As long as Hell Rell keeps putting work out I'll be content. Nice find on the video for sure.

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I got a message on Myspace a ways back from RS and they told me they were going to rerelease it in different colorways. Glad it finally went more public, just wait it out man and you got it!

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