Dj Doc Rok + Jay-Z + Led Zeppelin= [URL]

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Download it free! [URL]

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Have you heard the remix with Lil Wayne & Young Kaos?? This version is about 1000% better than the original, new beat and everything [URL]

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Dunno about how limited these are I've seen them on like 5 online sites as well as the Up Against the Wall around here, which usually takes pretty decent sized orders.

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Good lord!! blinkyeyes Shockingly ugly

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I wouldn't even do it on Ebay... Ebay's 'investigation' won't get your money back.

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Orisue seems to be developing quite the reputation for the worst in customer service. Someone had posted a thread in reference to this a little while ago complaining about their seeming inability to handle even basic customer service issues. I'm still waiting for my stuff... And its going on 4 months now. It's a pity since I do like their clothing, but I don't know why they can't hire decent customer service reps.

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[Quote] Thats a cool watch

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I've never really been on supreme, but those jackets are pretty dope.

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[Quote] Lol yeah I saw that too... Wow blinkyeyes

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[Quote] Idk, I think 99% of wanna-be rappers are really that wack But TV is always gonna center on the entertainment value, not the talent

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Yeah they got 'em around here in DC... It's a pretty slight effect you gotta look at it in the right angle to really see it. They're cheaper than the other 25th Anniversary AF1 tho, not really sure why.

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Was there ever an actual bape release of a cue ball hoodie? Cause I've only really seen it on fake sites/people who rock fape. Is it a fape original lol?

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^ I resent that statement

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Fixed my situation...

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