Shoes and clothes. Stop by. Open at 11am [Image]

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Post your photo blogs here! Ive been posting my own personal photo journal of my everyday life for a loooong time on my myspace. I have decided to blog spot it instead. Updates will be everynight.

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Here is a blogg i started to to document my travels with my two brothers and a good friend from Australia that flew over here to join us. Plenty of pics. Will try my hardest to update it everyday at midnight.

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Well im looking for a new scanner. I am looking at the Nikon 8000. Any recomendations? Using it to scann negatives, slides, and so on.

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Bored so i took some pics of the SBTGs [Image]

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Here are some of my pictures that i thought came out nice [Image] more later. Let me know what you think blushing

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Pictures were taken with the Minolta. Pics will be posted soon from the Vivitar. [Image]

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[Image] More pics later

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