Now, you don't have to type your whole story if you don't want to. But have you ever came to the point due to a: fight or fights, narcissism, some form of abuse, being taken advantage of, disrespect etc., that you figured it was best to cut ties (keeping them at arms length) with a family member and go your own way? How have you been feeling or living since then?

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[Quote]I've checked it out, and like what has been said before, there is no visual showing of Hip-hop in your design. The Hip-hop culture is an amazing lifestyle, and there's a lot you can take your inspiration in from.. One of the coolest thing you can do, for example, is go way back to the beginning of Hip-hop and take whatever element you can find that inspires you. You could do things with graffiti, street art, Lp's, quotes of wisdom, and musical elements found back in DJ'ing. Also, trust me: If you'll take time to learn to draw, you'll be stronger in skill and abilities than folks who don't. I hope this helped! Good luck.

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[Quote]Doesn't look bad at all.. I know for a fact that if a new brand enters the game, it's often "victim" of being compared to an already similar brand, in this case a brand like Johnny Cupcakes. Sure, he has a bakery theme (or in fact pioneered this theme), but pastry itself is not his. There's a difference between stealing and being inspired, and trust me I have seen many start-ups who have had inspiration from other brands, which is GOOD because then you've found something (a certain theme or style) you can connect with. The key is to evolve your brand constantly into something that then carries its own "signature". If a food theme is something that you really want to do, do it! There are enough brands focused on type, weed, food, partying, skateboarding, street art.. you name it. You just tell YOUR story. "What has been will be again, what has been done will be done again; there is nothing new under the sun." -- Good luck

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[Quote]The designs are pretty good (I personally like the blue and gray one the most), I to, use a cartoon-ish style. What bothers me is that the photos hinder and block the attention the print needs, so my personal advice is to take photos in which the design is fully visible and remains the main subject, so folks have a clear visual on your art. This doesn't mean that you should not be creative with your shots (fitting location, expression etc), but a centered photo with the art clearly visible does the trick! Keep going! blushing

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So, what would you guys like to see in Season 4? (which, according to Wikipedia is scheduled for Summer 2013) Me: - A (by design) slightly grown Huey and Riley - A new Stinkmeaner episode - Thugnificent trying to get back in the rap game once again - The return of Ebony Brown, giving granddad a second chance - Return of The Bootywarrior - Enlightenment of the 2 boy's parents - The president race of 2012 - Ruckus falling in love with a black women (AGAIN) - Riley hustling once again Rumors I've heard so far: - Huey falling in love with someone or something, but it may not be Jasmine - A new character, a friend of Huey's will appear for next season - Some argument between Tom and Riley

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[Quote]Network blushing & maybe some of your friends can help or give you a lead to creative minds. But you can also always learn some Adobe and design skills yourself. Tutorials, meine freund!

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Yes, I would. Not very long ago I read somewhere about a possible reason why some (black) men don't find dark skin women attractive, because apparently the darker skin on a black women comes over as masculine. But screw that, to me personally, it's beautiful. And no one can help the fact that they're born a certain color. But y'know if you have a certain preference on women, hey whatever floats ya boat. The only time i'll get worried about someone's skin color, is when it's blue, cuzz then it's time to call the ambulance =/

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Gotta love girls with tattoos, man. To me it shows a daring and confident side which is attractive. Doesn't really matter to me where the tattoo's at, just as long as it's not too much.

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One of my most favorite RPG's, I lost count on how many times I finished the game from start. But that time travel animation used to scare me as a kid though xD but again, an amazing rpg game and the story is just excellent! (F*CK, Ayla was fine!) [Image]

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Even though I'm from Holland.. Happy Thanksgiving, guys!

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