Winter Jacket/coat Would the Futuralab x Descente jacket be good for winter? Or maybe the Original Fake Fastener or RipStop jackets?

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retail price? I already know how much I'm going to be paying ((T_T)), but what was the actual retail price?

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Nujabes Heads Most of Nujabes' shit is chill. I can't think of many on my own right now, but: Nujabes - Waiting to Haunt (I don't remember the title). Madvillain - Meat Grinder, Rhinestone Cowboy J Dilla - Donuts (intro)

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Stussy DC opening party Stussy in DC is finally getting an opening party. [Image]

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Stussy Store It's alright. Nothing special. They've got some nice jackets and trainers. Palace 5ive is close to the Stussy store? (i've never been to Palace 5ive)

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Alright, I'll try. thanks

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Levi's 501 I'm in the same boat as the dude above me. I actually bought my 501s earlier in Jan. I've worn them a few times they're not dirty, never washed. My fitting size is 31 x 32. The 501s I bought are 32 x 34. What's the best thing to do when it comes to shrinking to fit (I know you're kinda answering the same question twice), but I know nothing at all about shrinking jeans.

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Frank mag Does anyone know where I can find Frank 151 in the MD/DC area? I use to grab them at Dj Hut but that's gone for a while.

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I'm thinking of getting a Saw 400% Be@rbrick, but I don't want to grab a fake one from ebay. Should I try ebay anyway? I haven't seen any over $95, and I know there are only 666 so that price seems kinda odd, but I don't know much about "high-priced be@rbricks". Could someone help me out?

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RBK Voltron Pack These start coming out tomorrow [URL] Anyone gonna look for a pair? Anyone know where to find the Shogo Blazers in D.C. or the whole Metro area?

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Price and Dates This post is a little overdue, but here's the prices and release dates from Freshness: [URL] The first set comes out tomorrow.

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Santastic! Is there anyway for a US kid like me to find Santastic! for sale online? I really just want the basic navy blue Saru logo tee and Saru belt. Edit: Yo, I'll buy these 2 items off of someone if possible. Pm if you want to talk about it.

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[Quote] Yeah, that tee is pretty crazy. Haha even though it's a collab of 3 big logos lol. Edison's ok to me. I like Dj Tommy, but the only thing I've ever really heard of his is the 69FM mixtape with Edison. Damn I gotta get out there to HK some day.

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Name: Sean Age: 17 Occupation: Dj, College student, graff Fav brand: Nike, Stussy, MHI, Crooks & Castles, G-Shock Location: M.D./D.C.

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wth are these?! I'm getting bugged out about these kicks I passed today, but I'm gonna go grab tomorrow (I may have them before my question's answered tongueface). They looked a little like low dunks and the colorway was similar to the DOOM highs. They were a leather charcoal on black suede. The sole was white & gum. The swoosh was black and the outlined white. The panels have white outlines too. If no one can figure out what these are it's cool, I suck at explaining them and I might have them tomorrow. If I get them I'll post the answer myself.

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