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Anyone on HB gonna show out for this? How is Gov's Island anyway? Should be a pretty good time...

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"Aint about money" DL [URL] just played it on hot 97 about 18 times straight

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[URL] .......any thoughts, comments, news similar to this around your hood? this story's getting hyped up at my school right now and wanted to know how the hb community feels

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What do you guys think of his new songs....imo not bad i think he maybe onto something. Link to the throw it in the bag video [URL]

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forget this thread

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What do you guys think about them. I Haven't really heard a lotta talk about them but they don't look too bad...

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[URL] Thoughts? kinda sounds like hes rippin on swagga like us

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Yo sorry about the kinda dumb thread but my fellow hbeast member friend and I keep hearin this song on hot 97 (NYC) but it never shows up on there website. It keeps repeating a line that sounds something like this: One day on the train i heard these two kids talkin, bout the Rocafella head walkin. Those probably arnt the exact lyrics...and it sounds like Jay says the actual rocafella part... any ideas?

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Brands i wants are Hundreds, alife, undftd, bape, bbc, ice cream. mostly hundreds and undftd but throw out stuff you got. im looking for size med. or 7/38 for hats. would prefer less expensive stuff but throw out everything you have

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I have a bbc dress shirt that i never wore or took that tags off of. Size XL. il sell for arond 100 and trade for just about anything size S-M. Brands I like are alife, supreme, the hundreds, undftd and more. hit me up. pics [URL] if you need a better pic just ask it 100% legit and i bought it from union in NYC

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Well iv been a g unit hater for a while after 50 went soft on us but this is the kinda shit that might have me listenin again. What do you guys think is gonna be the deal with their new album, sellin out or floppin? anyways heres what i heard hope its not too old. [URL]

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