Hi ladies. I've been busy with work and my new hobby of blogging. Check out my latest post[Image] [URL]

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thanks for your opinons Great, so I'm not a hater for disagreeing with the goddesses of streetwear on that blog. I always thought most women want to wear clothes that make them look good but that they could feel comfortable in not by following every hyped trend which shows they are screaming for and attention.

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[Image] This picture is from this article: [URL] I criticized the catsuit above - I really do not know anyone who would wear that - and was told that maybe this blog wasn't for me. Fantasy on the runway is cool but I thought streetwear was about everyday wearability (like something you could wear skateboarding, at the park, to school, etc.) not about head-turning on the red carpet or in a club. I guess having a difference of opinion is "hating." What do you think about this catsuit and/or the article?

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cool, i'll check them out

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I started one and you're welcome to check it out. Just random stuff that interests me. [URL] I'm a female, so forgive me if its too girly for you. Does anyone else have one?

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Juicy Couture Juicy Couture makes cute cherry earrings, tshirts and sweats.

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[Image] My favorite handbag brand is Botkier [URL]. The bags are designed and handmade in Brooklyn. The quality of the leather and construction is amazing. I have 3 different styles. I got my first one in 2003 from Searle and it still looks and feels brand new. They are also sold at Barneys and Steven Alan. For casual wear, I love Tokidoki for Lesportsac.

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Saw it on Friday. It was hilarious. I clapped out loud during the wrestling scenes too.

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Try these toy stores in nyc: Toy Tokyo [URL]

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On Hypebeast, they said you can get it at Alife in NYC, Colette in Paris, and Original Fake in Tokyo. You will be able to get one of the 100 pieces by calling Alife (212.375.8116 ). I saw more pics on [URL]

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I collect bearbricks (and tokidokis). I customized this bear for my boyfriend: [Image]

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I saw some of the line at Atmos in Harlem a month or two ago. The hoodies are adorable, with nice detailing. I don't think it is overpriced compared to other ladies' brands like Juicy or Primp.

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I wear a size 5 (US) / Size 35 (Euro) too. Your best bet are mid to high end retailers. Size 5 / 5.5 always sell out quick, so I need to order most of my heels online. Try these stores: [URL]

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In addition to those mentioned, [URL] has great toys and really cool photos.

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