CRKT knives are really nice, I was recently given a Benchmade so that's my daily knife. For concealed carry I carry a G26 or a G19 depending on how I'm dressing. For home defense I just have an AR15, I want a shotgun but I've been slacking and haven't had the money to buy one, hopefully by Christmas I'll be able to get an 870.

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Used to play League of Legends, but I ain't gonna lie I suck at that so that shit's on pause now lol. I play some WoW occasionally but that shit is so boring I'll play for an hour like once every other week. Besides that it's just Battlefield 3 and MW2. Might cop MW3 since BF3 sucks so much but who knows.

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Here's my car, used to be a former track whore, but I ended up parting out to pay for school lol now it's just my DD. Past cars I've owned include RSX-S, K20 turbo Civic, and a semi built Legacy 2.5GT. [Image]

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Former RSX owner here, had an 02 Type-S and a boosted K20 EH2. Miss those cars so much, but there are more important things in life. Hoping to do a K20 Integra one of these days once I get some money going.

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