yea the yretailed like 115 or 125 i cant reemmber ...i got some when they dropped....i love them...blushing

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i didnt write this but 10 steaps to rap like lil wayne 1. Pick a Verb. Preferably a verb about running away from the law or from an assailant. I.E. Duck, Run, Dodge or maybe Stop, Drop or Roll. Lil

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[Quote] the finishline thing doe work...i have some in my IV's and another pair that i put in w/e shoe ima wear for the has prevented creasing...but the thing is its not made for the specific thing...its really a thing to make you heel feel better but if you reverse it and put it under the insole inside the tox box it works very effectivly

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sounds kinda good...they breath well?

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yea im looking round 60 prolly i got like 2 pairs of them starbury's aready and they arent really good for bball..

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hey im looking for a good nce looking pair of bball shoes i dont want anything expensive nothing like jordans or anything...just something that i can wear and wear out and not feel bad becasue they are ruined any suggestions of what i should get ?

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^^^^ LOL thats pretty funny

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just a regular pair of vans

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hes seen my military Iv's and hes says those arent thinking there the low top Vi's ..

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i called him up and he said they are lows but hes not sure what jordan hes talking about he just said they were mesh on the side and was sure they werent womens nor the IV's and they were blue and white j/w

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is ther such a thing?...liek limited edition white and blue ones or something like that...i know someone who says hes got a pair..of them...and im pretty sure thats the colors well if naything were there a pair of limited edition V's? just wondering...can someone post pics of some if so? thanks

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i could do without

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2nd most comfortable least to me....first is definatly the XI's but on my they run small for some reason. I wear a 11.5 and i got them in 12's instead but my friend normally wears 10.5 so he got 10.5 and they fit him fine

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the all white threes poped into stores today..i got mine...first one to get them :D at our footlocker ill post pics soon once i get home from work :D

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any recommended water proffer spray?

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