Little asian kid has been grinding on YouTube for the past few years and came out with a really impressive mixtape...congrats to the dude, nice to see a YT rapper making moves. Its over at

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can someone explain why everyone sweats kathie pham? who the fuck is she?

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Anyone else here sketch up their own sneaker designs on their free time? Ever submit them to smaller companies to see if it could be made?

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anyone know if the SUb by Subcrew Stadium jacket is available anywhere in HK? They sold out instantly online and I didn't see it in LUX (TST)

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hardware stores and camping stores have em. try EMS or something

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For me, Visvim does shit well. Very clean & good looking. although I dunno if they are "streetwear"

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Louis Vuitton faux-semblant carre

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go up to him and say, "sono backpack dokode kattano?"

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tenjune, 1oak, pink elephant for the trendy nyc spots.

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[Quote] hahahah. true.

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clarks has some nice versatile leather shoes.

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that looks to be a generic "flannel" shirt. the material is heavier than what you would typically expect with a dress shirt.

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when in doubt, white v neck with some nice denim.

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