Guilty Pleasures

Yo these songs are actually ok [no homo] [Embed content]

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Terius Nash/The-Dream - 1977

Anyone got this? Sounds dope to me. smokeyface [URL]

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Opinions? This stuff is smokeyface IMO [URL]

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Dope video game music

[URL] realtalk this could pass as a 40 beat.

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Films like Eternal Sunshine

Rec me some more films like this. That romance vibe but not necessarily chick flicks.

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I'm from the UK, anyone else find it kidna funny how other people think Clarks are "swag" whereas in the UK you only went there to buy school shoes? >smh

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Nike - id these for me?

[Image] Got these a few years ago, worn them to death. Want to get a new pair, possibly in a different colourway but I don't know what they are...Definitely not 6.0's (at least it doesn't say 6.0 anywhere). Any help appreciated blushing

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Clams Casino

Produced some sick tracks for Lil B including one of my favourite, Realist Alive. He released an instrumental tape recently. [URL] smokeyface

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James Blake

what up. anyone looking forward to his album? [URL]

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Beats Beats BEATS!!!!

ok so basically this is a thread for the production side of hip-hop, questions for Hardware, Software, ideas, tips, sample tracking, instrumentals, digging, thoughts on the current beat game, all that shit. If you be cookin up beats in the lab come up in here and we gonna chop it up. First order of business: Somebody [B]PLEASSSSE[/B] tell me they got the Buggin Out instrumental

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