Nautica Voyage is a good cheap pickup

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edit : Nvm found it.

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soldier front niggas

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Anyone want to fathom a guess as to what model this is?  They are "skinny" jeans by the way. Model wasn't specified by seller.

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white af1 lowtop.

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H&M. They had em for sale for like 20 and pretty good color selection.

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I'd say about 5 years ago. My friend got me into supras and I found a supra forum called apparel report. They had other sections of fashion related stuff, which eventually got me respecting the fashion culture.

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Do APC have black coated jeans?

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I'm in search of a coated pair of skinny Nudies as well. Preferably Thin Finn, but that seems to be kinda rare.

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About a year ago I copped a pair of Nudie TFODEE. Mom accidentally put in washer once after a few weeks of wear, but hasn't been washed since then. I wear them like 5/7 days of the week, when should I wash them any time soon?

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[Quote]Thin Finn ecru embos! They are hella clean.

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X-men DOFP, and rewatched Avatar.

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Oh well, thats quite disappointing.

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