Yo, the magic eraser worked like a charm! No noticeable color fading, although the eraser did catch some of the colors I was rubbing over. Excess paint removed, all Bearbricks back in great shape. Next time I'm wrapping each of these individually when I ship 'em.

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this thread is the weakest

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[Image] Ditched some boxes before moving from Japan -> America. Ditched some kicks too, like Frankenstein AF1s, all-white Vans and monochrome Vision Gators. Overweight luggage charges are a bitch!!

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red low-top chuck taylors

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I recently moved back to the USA from Japan and shipped my Bearbricks. Thinking it would be fine, I stuffed them altogether in a wrapper made of bubble wrap. Most turned out okay, but a handful seemed to have rubbed off on each other, leaving streaks and dots on a few Basics, etc. Any recommendations for cleaning them up without hurting them anymore? A soft cloth alone doesn't do the trick. Next step is warm water and soap, but if that doesn't work...?

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I would, but I don't have enough posts to post a picture. smh

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Stuart. Ever heard of it? Didn't think so.

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oh man, I'd post pics of my Beverly Hills Cop & Hunt for Red October ones, but a lot of the detail has rubbed off already...

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NB574s to hustle sushi back and forth

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