[b]Title says all. Paypal only. Pm me.[/b] [Image]

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Title says all, pm me or email me if anyone has one! dertbagdesign at gmail.com

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So my sister was in Fashion Week and she's up to get 10,000 dollars if she wins this contest. Her name is [B]Chloe Post[/B] and if you guys vote and email me dertbagdesign(at)gmail.com then I'll hook you up with a code to get some discount off my shirts or something. Please provide a screen-cap or something. Please help her out, she's in 4th place... http://www.elle.com/Fashion/Fashion-Spotlight/Fashion-Next-People-s-Choice-Award

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Any shirt/top size M or L. email me [email]dertbagdesign@gmail.com[/email] or PM me.

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title says all. paypal only, NDS or DS would be preferred. PM me. or email me [email]phil@dertbagdesign.com[/email]

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Yep, PM me and tell me a price. They can be worn or DS does not really matter. Preferably the white/cement ones. Thanks, Paypal would be best

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PM or email me at [email]phil@dertbagdesign.com[/email] I'm open to any colors, and thanks for looking

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Anything lost my shirts and my glasses by them. Sizes M and up please

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Chris Webby just dropped a new mixtape it's Today's Top 8 on datpiff. Most of the songs on the album are pretty crack. Songs I recommend: Certified, Stranger, Raising the Bar, My Cloud, Strong, No Regrets, and Brim Low. And he fucking destroys all the other College rappers (Sam Adams, Asher Roth). He also shares a song with Mac Miller. If you do not know Chris I suggest listening to his best known song http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TKpmZ13GElw Anyway here is the mixtapehttp://www.datpiff.com/Chris_Webby__The_Underclassmen.m135619.html My favorite song off the mixtape. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5s-ApWuqdvo

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Any color /// paypal only /// vouches are a plus /// pm me

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