[URL] Enjoy Sir blushing

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Hypebeast FAMLAY ! Looking for: Womens Nike Air Max 1 Pure Purple/Mean Green/Rave Pink Size: European 42 Release Date: Around Jan 2009 Willing to spend

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User: Are you a wanker. Cleverbot: No, are you? [New conversation] Cleverbot: Are you a wanker. Cleverbot (To myself): Yes. Cleverbot (To myself): You are? User: The phantom of the night. Cleverbot: But what about genuine opera? The Barber of Seville? User: Its smells like pussy. Cleverbot: Well i'm a woman but ill give it a try. User: Can I help? Cleverbot: Can you assure me that Robots will not wage war against humanity? User: As much as I can assure you that you are gay. Cleverbot: Well I can only give you a dollar. User: I take euros. Cleverbot: Tea is good. User: I love tea. Cleverbot: Me too, its very nice can you make me a cup of tea please? User: Only if you rape me. Cleverbot: I love you!

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Are u talking about the hideout x stussy event today? Hit up [URL] for more info

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Connecting to server... You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi! You: darth varder fucked me in my anus Stranger: thats really hot You: his light saber was furious Stranger: did you fuck him back You: shwing shwing You: i only get fucked Stranger: thats no fun You: im the reciever not the batter baby You: u like Stranger: reciever huh, what else has gotten in there You: jesus Stranger: what's he like, big? You: big enough to destroy universe, a creation of abomination for the destruction of civilization Stranger: all up in your ass, your fucking lucky You: I'm his latex encoated leia baby, what do u expect Stranger: i heard rumers he's a transexual Stranger: got me off a few times You: his transdimensional hunny, pussy or penis dont figure to him , still a FUCCCCCCK Stranger: i see You: can we persuade u into the DARK side Stranger: tempt me You: i sense the force is strong in u, u will be able to handle a mean cock You: that is most forthcoming You: for darth vader and his master sith Stranger: i most definetly can. the meaner, the better Stranger: i am happy to have pleased you. You: U shall be inducted in due course, u must first endure a gang banng for our burliest stromtroopers Stranger: i shall lube up immediately. You: You will not find pleasure in this, but hold tight to the light and to the thought Darth Vader SHALL BE INSIDE U SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOON!!

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Stranger: IM SAMUEL L JACKSON, BITCH!!! You: i would like ur chocolate shaft in me Stranger: YEAH!!! DO IT SON! You: u better pump fiction me gud

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^ blinkyeyes nuff said!!

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[Image] This is a bold step for me!!blinkyeyes

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[Image] Supreme Beanie Bape Jacket RL Polo Dickies Half Cabs

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[Quote] Never heard of britishs, wonder where there from????

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v interested in the jeans, but i just wanted to ask how are the fit on these jeans slim/straight and also if it isn't too much trouble to get more detailed measurements of the jeans!! Thanks

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hahahahaha, i swear i'm english cuz i'm frm england so u must have copied me!!!

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WOW, this the first step in the global domination of sports!!

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Mate u still got the visivims?

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