OMG they suck

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Seriously, everybody on here needs to speak normally - no more e-bonics if you're a middle class white kid. Please.

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3 people hire out a $30 hotel room for a night, and pay $10 each for it. After they've paid and gone up to the room, the manager realises they only needed to pay $25, so he sends one of the employees up to refund them the $5. On his way up, the employee realises that the three customers couldn't split $5 amongst themselves, so he decides to keep $2 for himself and refund $1 to each customer. This means each customer effectively paid $9 and the employee kept $2. (9 x 3) + 2 = 29. What happened to the other dollar?

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This might just be the strangest, most awesome non-porn related video I've seen on the internet. [URL] Check the link in more info for the lyrics. WTF!?!?!?

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You remember that troll a year or two ago... he used to post disgusting outfits from his ridiculously messed up room and held spray cans and LPs, wore some green kidrobot hoody and a tee that said "graf saved my life". What was his name again? It's been killing me...

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Can anyone tell me what brand/model these glasses are or recommend a similar pair? [Image]

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I'm contemplating a trip to Hong Kong and was wondering if I would be better off staying in a hotel on Hong Kong Island or Kowloon? I'm looking for an answer in terms of shopping, nightlife, eating, and other touristy kind of stuff. So far I'm kind of leaning towards Hong Kong Island, but I'm really not basing that on much...

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Don't worry 'bout it!

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I'm looking to find a particular pair of optical glasses. I can't find a picture of them, but I saw them in the movie 'The Weather Man' (with Nicholas Cage) if anyone has seen it. They're the ones that the counsellor/pedophile guy called Don wears (the actor is called Gil Bellows). They look similar to Ray Ban Wayfarers but have much thinner frames, smaller lenses, and are slightly roundish at the bottom. I know this is an awful description, but if anyone has seen the movie or knows what i'm talking about please help!

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I'm desperately seeking a The Hundreds Morrissey t-shirt in size small or medium, preferably in black, but I will consider white if anyone has one they are willing to sell. Send me a PM!

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There's too many people on here jumping onto the raw denim bandwagon recently and although I don't dislike it, such a multitude of people constantly wearing and talking about it is getting old. Subsequently, I decided to dedicate this thread to [B]any denim that is not raw[/B]! It's probably going to fail because it seems like all anybody wants to hear about is raw denim but whatever.

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I was just looking around ebay for some LP's and I saw that this T.R.O.Y. single was $1000 buy it now. [URL] It's not even in good condition, and I doubt they're limited. Anybody know why it'd be so much?

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I saw this shirt on the ynot? section of the hundreds blog. Does anyone know who makes it? [Image]

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I'm intrigued, so anyone on here who's Australian post in here at least once! (please?)

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Been playing Mortal Kombat 3 on the SNES for a while and I can hardly do any fatalities... Anybody know some cool ones?

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