Obviously French sounds nicer than German and French is a more useful language to learn for travel/communication (mostly every German is fluent in English these days and happy to speak it). German, on the other hand, will open you up to all sorts of interesting historical/culturual things - the wealth of movements by German philosophers, authors, directors, musicians, politicians (lol Hitler) etc. is pretty amazing. I also think if you're interested in language itself (instead of just speaking it) the sort of brutalism of the German language is fascinating. Both French and German are fairly difficult pronunciation-wise, but French grammar is most similar to English while German vocabulary is a lot like English. So, basically: if it's just something you wanna sound cool speaking (nothing wrong with that), go for French. If you want a language with more intellectual advantages, go German. Also, for what it's worth I think German sounds fantastic.

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It just goes down to mating roles. For a male, his living purpose is essentially to spread his seed among as many females as possible. This gives females, who ultimately have power over reproduction, the power to decide which male is the best choice to recreate. Therefore a female who accepts many, poor-quality men is perceived as inferior to one with higher standards. The male can see that the female with low standards is a good target for easy reproduction, but he will not see her as worthy in the long-term. Or, to put it in terms like Super Nintendo above: females make themselves a commodity by keeping in control of their supply to the male's infinite demand. By decreasing supply of themselves, an increase in demand occurs. Demand will decrease if supply of the female is increased.

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Major Payne.

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Become a soccer superstar. All the best soccer players are short.

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Just treat her like a human being?

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DandyDan, that was weak shit. Especially #2 since Korea is the home of the pretty boy.

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[Quote] She looks like she has a pretty nice rack.

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[Quote] These dudes can't even PM themselves. Lazy! Also, now that I think about it, I'm pretty glad that wasn't the full video.

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Shit. Did I miss it?

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[Quote] Oh man that hurts. Don't let it get you down though!

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Of all my years on this forum, this has got to be the wildest...

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Become known for playing really cool music.

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[Quote] Only if you say it like this.

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