music you can cruise around the city too. high as fuck driving slow type shit. go smokeyface [URL]

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whats your favorite drink as in soda, juice, energy drinks etc. no alcohol though. my bad mine is prolly mountain dew, dr.pepper, simply lemonade, and that starbucks coffee in the bottle vanilla flavor.

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heres a song i did over wiz's ink my hole body instrumental. i still gotta equalize it and couple other stuff. but heres a link to the song if you wanna listen. [URL]

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they say beating it in the shower with hot water is bad for you testicles true???

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i give myself the age of 30 something and are you scared of dying? im kinda like fuck it but im also like i can change shit up

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has it been there because i just noticed it but anyways fuck yes>smhsmokeyface

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can someone post the link to the flight school mixtape by wiz khalifa thanks! smokeyface

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so i heard the dentist can find out you smoke cigarettes is it true? so my cousin has been smoking cigarettes since last year june 3rd but then he stopped and basically went back during august and then he started actually smoking more during december and now he has been smoking like 3 to two cigarettes a day. his teeth is barely discolored but you can tell the difference.. so he wants to go to the dentist just to get checked up and get it cleaned and shit like that. but is there any way a dentist can figure out that he smokes?

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i fucking missed out anyone got picssmokeyface

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this is ill as fuck ive been waiting for awhile for this to come out no download link though but hear it here [URL]

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what person/actress/actor/media motherfucker/[B]anybody[/B] pisses you the FUCK off!!!! ?) i have a bunch of people on my shit ?) but heres one typical faggot [Image]

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Its ill smokeyface [URL]

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ohh by the way what is the name of the song that he is rapping too [URL]

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what do you guys do in your city ill start off im from modesto CA and there isnt shit to do here there is only: bowling arcade (gay) mall (bunch of hypebeast/haters/homo's) chill (kickback (which gets fucking boring) its fucking boring down here my hobby is making music so thats what i do in the house |0tongueface|0tongueface|0tongueface|0tongueface|0

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