Y'all restocking on the black onimusha tee

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For the most part a lot of these dudes want to be is black from how hey dress ,talk etc.Honestly streetwear is mostly a copy of hip hop fashion and culture which is founded by blacks and puerto ricans .Sneaker craze got started by black kids who lived in the hood.Skate culture is mostly white now when you have a group of people who are regarded as social chameleons like Asians are for the most part by society then you get this amalagation of somebody who can pick and choose what aspects of a culture to identify with because his cultures influence is marginalized and limited to cinema and food in America . Before LRG there were brands like 40 acres and a mule,cross colours,various bob marley tees.Before streetwear was using imagery from classic cartoon characters Iceberg and various independent shirt sellers where doing it.BAPE Is nothing but TROOP .Asians and whites love saying its not about race but when you see these list of greatest streetwear brands and influential people in sneakers and blacks brands like phat farm,40 acres,Karl Kani,etc sure omitted and Gentry Humphrey and Greer from Nike aren't on the list it makes this whitewashing obvious.

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Im startin a brand but my logo has been recently has been used on a t shirt recently i saw on here I've planning and drawing this for a year .Is it still safe to use the logo or should I redo everything.

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It could be that the economy is in the shitter,folks loitering and not buying stuff,Alot of brands turning to cut n sew which is higher to produce and harder to sell in hot ass California,Wack customer service .Alot of things could destroy that shopping strip I won't call you all a neighborhood since their is a pre existing community ,culture and neighborhood there .

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U still selling the bred 1s

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Texted u n everything bro

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Can somebody help me get an hm varsity

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[Quote] Not only are you dumb as fuck your reaching.Move around son you stanning hard.

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Does anybody know how to dye a crepe sole

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I just recently bought some black cords from the gap and then I realized I had no shoes to with them. What do you all think is a good shoe to go with them some sebago red lighthouses or some black chukkas

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Any go to the sneaker summit this year shit was wack dudes were cutting hair at one table and everything was bland and typical they rigged the Bringback Pump giveaway also . I'm really getting tired of Bun B being everywhere ninja needs to sit down and retire .

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Honestly maybe we want these these organizations to exist to cover up the fact that our world has gone to shit and we got to find somebody responsible for the massive fuck ups our species has caused in our brief history. The image of the west is that we always got to be a step ahead so we create the idea of a group of people who live in the shadows ( basic human fear ) that are always ahead of us . Maybe all this illumanti bs is really just a coping mechanism we have created to cover up the mess we have been making and the fact that we are going on a downward spiral for a very very long time. I mean sure it is possible , but honestly do you really believe that this rockstars , rappers and actors the majority with no offical education, Many of them from backgrounds so insecure and egotistical that they could possibly coordinate or join a real organization that can't take over the world. Trust me on this one the reason artist or boring or terrible because you allow them to be . The reason why Lady GAGa does that shit is because she has an image look past it and you see some poor kid beggin for attention and has no real talent beyond her writers and beatmakers those are the people you need to deal with.

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Lets be honest here Drake can flip flop all the time over songs , yet when it comes down to creating an actual story of himself beginning to ends up rambling about cars hoes and clothes . See dude had mad cake for the longest so basically he has been rich his whole life you know what that means when the majority of his target audience is middle class and lower he is gonna have no actual stories to tell us period . He has attempted to but they all end the same because that is all he knows. So his lack of originality is based on his no skill

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[Quote] ^>smh cosign that shit all the way to payday and loans

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Dude has a boring voice I just can't listen to him he just way to popcorn if dude stopped doing features and stood on his own two I would respect him plus I didn't like So Far and Heartbreaks err Gone ,

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