Come in here for a cool vector graphic Santa hat for your avatar.  [Image]

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I have a pair of XL Zespy pants in Navy Blue for sale : $100 + shipping [Image] Very minimal wear Keep in mind that I live in Canada and accept PayPal I also have rep from here [URL]

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Just came out today, shit is good.  [Image]

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[Image] Worn maybe x5, still in brand new condition, ordered online from the 4/20 drop. Looking for $100 OBO. I'm located in Canada and will only use PayPal. I have the feedback to back myself up.

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closed ~Lefty

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This guy here from the recent F/W drop in any colour but turquoise. [Image] I'm in Canada and only pay by PayPal!

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I found this in my closet and tried to find any information on it but couldn't, could it be possibly worth something? [Image]

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Post it up.

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It's dropping soon and they don't ship to Canada and I have been looking to purchase one. I have only made one purchase on this account with Fireshooter and my fitted hasn't arrived yet so I have no feedback. Looking for grey XL but willing to look at others as well.

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