Looking for a pair of black and white blazers. Preferably low but will take high. 10 or 10.5. Must ship to Canada and take paypal.

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Don't care how used/what season. Just need one!

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Adrift just launched their web store. They're a super rad store in Toronto and eventhough its in the beginning stages they've already got a ton of shit. You know what I'm talking about if you've ever been in the shop. Check it out... Doing business with locals is the way to go. [URL]

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i tried on tight long johns in "denim stretch" today cause apparently thats all we have in Canada. They fit me perfect in a 26, but I wanted to get the "dry stretch" instead. The girl told me Super Slim Kims were similiar and she had those in "dry stretch" so I tried them in the same size and they were way small on me. Is this the different cut or the different wash? I need to figure this out so I can order some online. Also, are the "denim stretch" wash raw? Like, would they still produce the same effect if treated the same way as the "dry" wash?

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does anyone know if these are anywhere in toronto? i've been told they are best for girls. i'll prob order them online but wanna check em out first.

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anyone know any brands that do good raw denim, preferably in really slim/skinny legs, for women? I know of APC, anyone else? Unisex jeans like Cheap Mondays just don't cut it for me.

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I really want these in a size 4... has anyone seen them? I know they are super hard to find.

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i'm looking for a good selection of girls shit, especially tens tee's. anyone know where i should check out?

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