Threads in all sections for me continue to bump by themselves w/o any new posts. The time stamp changes too. i don't mind but it's really confusing and ruins the experience.

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Nothing more than $80. will pay for shipping PLAIN COLORS. no decorated animal prints or flowers.  words are OK.

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[Image] message me for more tagged pics. bc3S ARE SOLD New Balances are DS.BIN for $90 shipped

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It was pretty successful last year, most if not ALL members that participated sent their gifts (I got the new XX album and sent 12yr XBL and microsoftpoints i think) Another shots this year? If you'd like to join, say it. I'll add you into the thread. We can discuss organization in this thread. Maybe get a mod to confirm. Match up will be done December 1st, and items should be shipped before December 20th (guarantee b4/on christmas day) IN Captain Al Based Boy (aka Caterpillar) craigsagersuit  Gilly Suits christopher. mackness street lights WOADIE LostJem flwy Hamm Head Hunter guyitsmathew Swerve rhondofosho Soul Rize CHANGES: Last year there was a limit, maybe 20-30. Depending on turnout.

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sz 11 or 11.5 or 12 interested in any colorway paypal ready. $80> x >$150 + shipping! HMU

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We gon gather some people to play again. something to do during summer. if anybody up for it hmu.  you can join if you used to play or if you never played. We can start fresh in Galacia. I can provide some cash for everybody. OR somebody ) can use at/private server imma DL now, so in the next 24hrs we can all join up. Current HB Players: Captain Al: In game name is N/A Craigagersuit: craigsager Metameme: in game name N/A [Image]

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in homage of the recent threads gon be my 2nd time. (1st time was a bad trip, did it at homecoming. didn't turn out fun) i'm at home. going to play music, and watch stuff maybe. [Image] wish me luck. already had some.

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(inbb4 didn't read) So, I'm chillin at lunch with all my niggas, and we fooling, checking the thoughts with big assets as they pass by.. we looking like: [Image] So the bell rings and the white dude grabs her by shoulder and says "that's it we're out of here, i'll deal with you later asshole!!" they walk away she looks back at me and smiles. should I be worried?

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Play onto the hypebeast thread. this thread is for the other breed.  videos are aight too.

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Call out/expose/ether any user you want. keep it SFW. I'm start. Ethering London S. aka wehatelondon [Image]

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best way to describe my new whip YAWWR

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