fuckin hot [URL]

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[Image] This chick got fucked up smash?

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where are all my og memebers at? we cant all fade away

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From [URL]

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Wow I'm liking it, 50 trying to go hard this year justin timberlake and timbaland on the track [URL] what do you guys think?

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i bought a canon ae-1 but it didn't come with the little hangers on the sides to attach a neck strap/shoulder strap is there anyplace online or store where i can buy some? pic [Image]

Started by Camera Accessorie Question NEED HELP, 2 Weeks ago in Arts

[URL] its just buried inside of it ;)

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reasonable doubt or blueprint best out the bunch if not post what u think is

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my god [Image] fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck from the hundreds

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Thanks to all the kids who killed this forum. Who ruined it with you childish posts again and again. Thank for making every good contributor in this forum disappear one by one. And here i go too, I'm done and tired and everyone else is gone. Whats the point anymore. Peace forever

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i need a 35mm cam with adjustable shutter speed and aperture settings im think in Canon AE-1 Program from ebay [Image] (50mm pictured)

Started by BUYING A CAMERA FOR PHOTOGRAPHY AT SCHOOL, 2 Weeks ago in Photography

who ever did this is one sick human. [Image]

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what are they, i just noticed my damn tensor bushings are broken

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wats that one site where they rank all the streetwear blogs/stores/ etc?

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am i the only one gettin sum generic advertisement page?

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