You been in the mix from the start. You a real dude. Haters gonna hate. Live it up my man

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I titled this thread that way because what's gonna be posted and for those who want to post similar is covering a range of genre's. This is the melodic/deep/moody/downtempo/housey shit. From all my days of record hunting and DJ'n, I've found cool stuff. I realize that this section of the forum is overran with hip-hop and that's fine, I love Rap just as much as the next dude, but this is for the people that want to dig into the wide world of electronica. For you, I share. More than likely this thread will slowly fade due to lack of audience and genre to forum correlation. I'll try to bump when I can, hopefully others do. Now, this ain't "let's rave" Steve Aoki club shit. Not Nujabes/Fat Jon/FlyLo shit. There is a fine line. Some may sound similar in nature but these have higher or lower BPM's, more pronounced tempo's and moodier melodies. There's really no label. Some are quicker and bigger beats, some are slower and driving. My explaination is vague, I apologize, but give it a whirl and see if you like this type of stuff. A lot of it takes listening from start to finish to really grasp the progressive nature and added variables, not just skipping the middle, hearing 5 seconds and writing it off (although that's what the majority will do). If you buy into it, I got plenty more similar shit that is quality and goes unnoticed, so PM me or reply. Haters gonna hate obviously, that goes without saying. So for the open minded heads out there, contribute if you want and enjoy good music! [Embed content] Graham and Blades - Funky Summa. Title is fitting. I used to use this as an intro track on sets back in the day. Since it is meant to be beatmatched in and out, it has a long intro and outro. The bulk of the song is groovy and very mild. 2 minutes to 7:30 is when it shines. Alright that's enough for now. Branch out and come back for more!

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Alright what's been up hb fam. Let's settle a few things. Homies that don't believe in pics I posted, that's fine. Ain't trying to correct people that don't believe. Bruhmans the shit and our beef is all love. Drew is a fail. Karl Winslow and sonny are awesome. New members suck. And I'm the person that they call subprime. Sorry Ian

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