I'm asking this question here because I occasionally see a bunch of stuff on hb about finance/banking/etc So long story short, I got accepted into Stern.  Problem is tuition is fucking 70k a year, and if anyone is familiar with NYU, they are shit when it comes to financial aid.  My parents make about 150k/yr combined but are heavy into investing so probably have a gross income of about 200k.  However, if I do end up going, I don't want them to have to fork over too much because my brother is going to college soon as well. I'm going to try to be responsible for as much tuition as possible and definitely going into debt. So my question is, would I be able to go to Stern (and probably make bank once I'm out) and be able to pay back 300k of debt in a reasonable manner? Just to clarify, NYU is definitely my best option academically, as I was admitted with athletic pulls.

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Just selling these because theyre a bit too big. Paypal/Meetup only.  'murican shipping only, sorry Yes, I know the photos are kinda bad atm, I can provide more/better ones upon request. Price: 80 shipped Feel free to make offers/trades go ahead and pm me if interested [Image]

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____'s APC madras new standard 29 for my sequence ruthless tee, cash and PayPal. PayPal will be gifted upon receiving the jeans. I will ship first.

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Paypal/meet ups in san jose trades in size L, 9-10, 29 PM me, I go on hb often Measurements are blueingreen style http://blueingreensoho.com/site/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=30&Itemid=41 5010xx sz 28 They've been worn for about a year, 2 washes, 1 soak Crotch repair and another on the right pocket. SOLD yall slept Waist: 30 Front Rise: 9 Back Rise: 13 Upper Thigh: 10.5 Knee: 7.5 Leg Opening: 7 Inseam: 36 Pics don't capture color nicely, it's actually a more greenish color than blue. More pics upon request. [Image]

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so ya boy was browsing facebook and shit right, and I see this video on my news thing right. [Embed content] and I found myself with 3 mutual friends with krisgay. and lurkin his page some more, there's more people I know. [Image] kevin windham. I see you.

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ya boy only been here since may but still. C styles tape + beginning of simp nigga thread tbh.

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[Image] edit: just click copy image url into another tab and zoom in, I don't know why it won't show up Am I the only one with this problem?

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Seriously doe, they provide us with so much and we just shun them.

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Soo I found this show... http://www.hulu.com/supernews some episodes are pretty boring but the rest are smokeyface yallfuxwitit?

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http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2byXuOUXXqA&feature=related http://limelinx.com/files/351f1e5d3f89eeb6980e51a3c039f4f1 smokeyfacesmokeyfacesmokeyface Look past the voice.

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When I bleed, I lick up dat blood. That shit cray smokeyface

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