comes out 24th March. I know most of yall are into liking rappers that arent mainstream yet. go buy the album *** lots of good production

Started by Slim Thug - Boss Of All Bosses, 2 Weeks ago in Music

this is a good cd yall should listen to it and then buy it

Started by Z-Ro 'Crack', 2 Weeks ago in Music

I wasnt able to come up with much information through a search. so was just wondering what's the quality of their selvage denim like? I've been looking for a new pair jeans in a size 34 x 32, and havent found any that arent really tight. Judging by the measurement, these were one of the pairs I was able to find, these and Edwins 505zx Loose Straight Leg. Edwins are a little more. those are the fiberops. Just want to know if anyone who owns a pair can comments on their quality. Many Thanks

Started by Quality of Fiberops Selvage Denim?, 2 Weeks ago in Denim

Looking to find a store that sells the carhartt streetwear line, theyve got a lot of nice jackets and I was wanting to purchase.

Started by Anyone know of any U.S. sites that sell Carhartt Streetwear?, 2 Weeks ago in Fashion

Cocaine Cowboys 2: Hustlin' with the godmother Mrs. Blanco comes out on DVD today, supposed to be as good as the first, I will have the film tommorow and you let you knows how it goes

Started by Cocaine Cowboys 2: Hustlin' with the Godmother, 2 Weeks ago in Entertainment

New Album, shyts tight zro and trae, if you like houston area, southern artists

Started by ABN- It Is What It Is, 2 Weeks ago in Music

Just watched this show, bunch of clowns. Reminds me of what people on here are like in real life

Started by MTV's G's to Gents, 2 Weeks ago in Entertainment

the black part, (case) surface of my Ps3 gets scratched really easy, and I was wondering if anyone makes a scratch remover for the surface of the PS3? Thanks

Started by Do they make a Scratch Remover for the surface of the PS3?, 2 Weeks ago in Gaming

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anybody seen this? Its a documentary about the cocaine trade in Miami during the 70's and 80's. I thought it was pretty cool, its like real-life story of scarface type of thing.

Started by Cocaine Cowboys, 2 Weeks ago in Entertainment

anyone heerd this

Started by New Project Pat Cd, 2 Weeks ago in Music

Who do yall think is going to win? I hate the patriots, so im hoping the colts win

Started by Colts Versus Patriots Sunday Nov 4- 4:30 Pm Eastern, 2 Weeks ago in Sports

anybody watch this on mtv, miss teen usa, miss usa, miss universe and tera connor miss usa who did coke. Bunch of fine hoes

Started by Pageant Place, 2 Weeks ago in Entertainment

I hope Djokovic wins, but I dont see it happeneing. Titans beat The Jags

Started by Who do Yall thinks going to WIn the US OPEN?, 2 Weeks ago in Sports


Started by anyone know any good producers on Soundclick?, 2 Weeks ago in Music