[Quote] Is this supposed to be what Kanye wrote?

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OMG r u serious? I had no idea that weak ass video had been out for so long. Kanye ison the cd of course he likes it

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just saw the video for mafia music today on mtv jams, and was surprised at how low budget it was. Im pretty sure they filmed it on/in his driveway and house. at one point you can even see the camera's shadow on him

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Deeper than music definetely isnt ridiculous by any means, thought it would be much better. songs 1,2,3,4,5 are best ones to me, rest I dont care for

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^Mr. Lee defo makes those tracks. He also made 3 kings, which I always thought lil jon made [URL]

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yeah I dont see why everyone rides this cat so hard, nothing special only different

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you can listen to the whole album [URL] I like it all except for a couple songs. I run, tops drop, Im back ft. Devin the Dude, welcome to houston, and associates. welcome to houston is real fresh

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comes out 24th March. I know most of yall are into liking rappers that arent mainstream yet. go buy the album *** lots of good production

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im going to get one of these soon, whenever they come out. Got best in shoe of all phones at the CES 09 recently. I just found out I can end my sprint contract without an early termination fee, since they increased the adminstrative charges without my consent, essentially breaching our contract together. So Im going to cancel and get this for new subscriber price when it releases. Looking forward to it very much

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I like that song, good verses all around

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I thought this movie was very good, the majority of the first half of the movie is pretty hilarious. If you're not an easily offended asian you should definetely watch it

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haha. I got this thing today that is a collection of all of his albums 5 or 6 of them. I havent got to listne to them all yet, but most of them are all good

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I like this cd alot, I do it for hip hop is fresh among others

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this is a good cd yall should listen to it and then buy it

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I know cmonwealth, the fizix and sneaker politics all carry play cloths, as well as, the store mentioned in thread

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