Freitag was phenomenal, exactly what I was looking for. I even bought myself something while there. Superb range of jewellery, well priced. Picked up three things for my wife. It didn't hurt that the young red-haired woman in the store was, without question, the most breathtakingly, shockingly beautiful woman I have ever seen in my nearly 48 years on this planet (besides my wife, of course). Thanks for the other suggestion. Next time I'm in Montreal I will look into Uranium.

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Hi everyone, Every place I travel I always bring my wife home a piece of funky jewellery. Usually a necklace or the like. She prefers funky, eclectic, inexpensive, unique usually organic pieces from jewellers like Made You Look in Toronto, or Deki Jewels or Stuf in San Francisco (where we used to live). Sometimes silver, sometimes steel, always stunning. These will usually priced in the $40-150 range. Nothing quite as expensive as a jeweller like Roland Dubuc (although his work is superb). Perhaps some place like Freitag, on St Laurent? Can someone recommend an equally funky jewellery store in Montreal, preferably near the Old Town part of the city, that might have a selection I'd choose from? Open Friday nights would be a huge bonus. Thanks!

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