So while scanning the net today I came across a youtube video for the latest venture from one puff daddy entitled "diddyblog", a "100% positive venture." Overall I thought it was interesting, and it had no signs of self promo anywhere. Is this something people/ you will read? I guess it launched today so I'll see what more comes from the site, but anyone seen it or have any thoughts?

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Good point about rock the bells, it's consistant every year and even Lauren Hill is on board this summer. In hip hop we are die hard fans, but it's rock fans who always support. Warped Tour, Ozz fest, they all keep people coming back

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Maybe it's me, but the state of the "summer tour" seems to be that what we used to see every summer is now dead. With artists like Dave Mathews taking the summer off, Christina Aguilara having to cancel the tour cuz of sales, and festivals taking a dive are the summer staples gone? Shows from Badu are sporadic, Trey is doing a mini tour at summers end, puff has a solo show in AC in July. Who is going to a show and what drove them there?

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I missed the whole point with this show, I know it's supposed to pay respect to all these areas where hip hop lives in the south, but the artists shouldn't come out and sing their CURRENT singles to celebrate where they''re from. At least JD made it interesting bringing out Puff considering the show was in NYC. Wonder if jd gonna show up to puffs show in atlantic city in july.

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Don't know how people are gonna find this funny, it just looks stupid with a bunch of WWE stars put in the mix. I'm spending my money on grown ups, dinner for shmucks and get him to the greek this summer, hope someone keeps the seat next to you in the theater warm

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Pootie Tang Godzilla 2000 Jurassic Park 3 Pokemon everything Miami Vice (the jamie foxx one) movies I really enjoyed: Godfather Click Forgetting Sarah Marshall (gotta see get him to the greek) Pee Wee's Big Adventure (ok not really, lol)

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Guilty Pleasure movies? I'm secretly a fan of catherine heigle, I thought knocked up was a funny movie. My friends hate him, but I think Russell Brand is the man, def lookin forward to that get him to the greek movie. Last guilty pleasure is reese witherspoon, legally blond was too funny

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No moe meagan fox is right. She'll resurface somewhere soon, I'd like to see if she has a funny bone, maybe a movie by judd apatow (like he get him to the greek joint he has now) or 40 y.o virgin, something that takes here away from sex kitten and shows he depth of her abilities.

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Puff bodied that wacka flacka remix, don't care if he wrote it or not. BBE is back on the rise, and that get em to the greek movie with the dude whose marrying katy perry looks hilarious

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I thought Jackie Chan was done doing movies, no? Regardless I'm not that hype on it, compared to other "series" movies like shrek, iron man, get him to the greek I don't see it as one that will catch the public's attention. Story line isn't believeable

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I just saw Iron Man 2, looking forward to seeing Grown Ups, Get Him to The Greek, Dinner for Shmucks, most of the comedy releases for the summer.

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Posting your own blogs are cool, everyone has their own unique flavor to the table. I was just wondering what people read collectively, what do people recommend as a group. Looking for something inspirational...

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@ xJerseyx : Just checked out ur link for everything you love to hate, I liked it, lotta models and pics of that sort but it kept it interesting. Terry Richardson has a lot of photos like that on his blog, granted he's in most of the pictures.

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2dopeboyz is real good, rap-up magazine usually has a lot of new content quick, read the prophet blog every once an while but it's a lot of pop news. I know it's not a blog but for mixtapes datpiff took over the game, no more lookin thru message boards to find what u want

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What kind of readership do these blogs get? They have exclusives or do you usually see content there before other places? It's always the best to see who is on top of their posting game and beats the competition

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