Hey everyone. I have a few things for sale and need them all gone pretty fast. I am flexible on prices as long as you don't lowball me. I am located in Canada but I can ship anywhere. My prices include shipping to anywhere in North America except Mexico or Hawaii. I will ship worldwide for an extra cost via Canada Post. Accepted Paypal gift or +4%, whatever floats your boat.  Supreme x The North Face Backpack in Navy - $200 Shipped (OBO) Supreme Black Denim Flannel Baseball Jersey, LARGE (brand new)- $200 Shipped Supreme x CDG polka dot coach jacket, LARGE - $300 Shipped (OBO) Supreme Black Nylon pullover, LARGE (brand new) - $180 Shipped [Image]

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ALL SHOES 10/10 CONDITION. I will only ship to a verified PayPal shipping address within North America. Accepting +4% or gift. Will ship worldwide for extra.   Spacejams 11's - size 9 - $250 OBO Bred 11's - size 9 - $300 OBO 6 rings - size 8.5 - $190 OBO [Image] ALL SHOES COME WITH ORIGINAL BOX.  Accepting offers but no trades. NEED GONE ASAP.

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sold sold sold sold

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Looking to buy a supreme mini box logo hoodie in large, if anyone's got one my paypal is ready and I can buy it asap! Looking for grey or black, needs to be shipped to Canada, thanks!

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Got a HUF and Diamond collab hoodie in olive green. Size is medium but fits a large. EDIT: SELLING FOR 50, NEED MONEY ASAP. If you live in the US, shipping is 15 dollars extra, Canada is 5. Thanks! [Image]

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Hey guys, trying to make a quick sale. I have this Supreme classic logo hoodie in Navy, medium. No flaws and perfect condition. Fits a large nicely and a medium with a tad bit of room to spare. Shipping only to North America. OFFER FAST I NEED THIS GONE! No low balling please but I will let it go for a fair price [Image]

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So I am in desperate need of money so I'm selling a Supreme canvas camp cap in perfect condition and a Navy blue Supreme loose gauge beanie in Navy blue. Selling the Camp cap for 42 dollars SHIPPED ANYWHERE IN NORTH AMERICA and the beanie for 34 dollars. I WILL SELL BOTH AS A PACKAGE DEAL FOR 60 DOLLARS SHIPPED! You can basically resell and make more money. I just don't have the time or patience to do so haha NEED GONE HOPEFULLY BY TODAY! Both items are still available so no need to ask me if i still have them! blushing [Image]

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someone delete this i posted two times by mistake

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Alright so I don't even wear any of this and I'm broke as hell right now so I'm just going to sell it. I'm located in Canada and will ship to anywhere in north america [Image]

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Really been searching everywhere for someone that has it. Hit me up with your price! I live in Canada!

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Well, going on vacation and need a cap. I'm leaving first thing monday (27th). Looking for any supreme camp cap actually.. No super rare shit, can't afford that. Needs to be shipped to CANADA WITH EXPRESS ASAP. HIT ME UP, NEED IT THIS WEEK

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Hi there, I'm looking for a supreme mini box logo hoodie from the fall '10 line I believe. I can fit medium or large. I'm hoping one of you guys have one and are willing to let it go! Located in Canada (Toronto). Thanks!

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Looking to buy some beanies with a pom pom, doesn't have to have one, but preferably would want one with a pom. Supreme, diamond all brands, hit me up with a picture and a price! Thanks!

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Hi everyone, I hope this is the right place to post this.. Can somebody tell me what that ring is called? If you can't understand the picture, it's a picture of my hoodie, there's supposed to be two rings for each side of the collar for the laces to come out of, but it seems like one went missing.. What are these ring things called exactly? [Image]

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