I went there with my boy and shit was weak as fuck.  Now I know why people tend not to go to these dumb ass things.  All I saw were kids and more kids who made their mom buy them their shit.

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So I recently like got this tutor that comes to my house every week to give me private lessons on math shit I don't understand.  She's around 28 and she's hot as hell in my standards.  I don't think she's in a relationship with anyone and I know she went to an all female college so that may have been the catalyst for a shitty dating life, but I'm bout use this to my advantage.  Plus I don't think she does too much outside of work, but I'm not too positive about that.  She seems like a sort of shy person, so  I need some real advice right now, cos my game has definitely not been on point as of late and my confidence isn't there right now.  We have some awkward convos so this shit definitely needs to change.

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This is a test run, so I'm only going to be selling 10 copies of this particular ebook. So basically, I've been using this method for three months so far, and it's been paying off really well. The ebook will contain one method on how to monetize online with minimal effort and there is really no limit to how much an individual can make, it all depends on how much work he or she wants to put in. I won't lie, getting started may take some effort, but once you get passed the initial stages it becomes second nature. I'm going to sell the test copies for $15 a piece and guarantee that anyone that buys it will not be disappointed. A complete noob can use this method. The method is extensively explained through the ebook, but anybody that buys a copy will receive full support from me via skype or msn messenger as well. The only things that are required for a user to implement this method includes: a computer, internet connection, and a brain. I will provide pictures of proof to interested parties, as I do not wish to post it for the whole community to see, as it does contain some personal information. Proof I can Provide: [Image] Length: 17 Pages, but it's in HUGE font, guarantee that you will be set up in no time. If you're interested please pm me. I am also allowing a mod to test this method in order to validate it's legitimacy. COPIES LEFT: 10/10 (excluding test copy)

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http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dsomet-PqNQ I like the cardigan he's wearing and I wanna know who makes it.

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WTB box logo crew.

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I've always wanted to see one of these threads up on hypebeast, so I'm gonna try and see where this goes. Please post pics of your fits and keep the chat to a minimal thanks.

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If anyone has one pm me.

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Anyone know of any cars that would look good slammed? I'm getting into this scene and I want recommendations for a new project. Any information would also be nice on what coilovers to use, springs, etc.

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On a day to day basis, do you guys just throw whatever the fuck you have on and call it a day? Or do you take your time and pick out some fresh fit? What do you usually wear, etc.?

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I don't like to wear my nice shoes around everyday, and breaking them in usually takes a while, so I'm looking to get a few pairs of just every day shoes. Ranging from boat shoes to sneakers, I don't really care, but I need a few recommendations. Currently, I'm wearing vans.

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Just curious on who paintballs in hype beast demographic. And if you do, what are you shooting and do you play for a team?

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If I've ever done a transaction with you, drop me a line!

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If anyone has some premium label tees and the supreme x independent hoodies in medium I'll buy them

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As the title states, I'm looking for some medium supreme heat! Post what you got and PM me I'll get back to you as fast as I can. Oh if anyone has premium label cocaine tees post em here as well, thanks!

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