I can decide on only one. tell me why. Thanks edit: bluray is a considering factor I plan on modding the xbox

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[U]Any denim inquiries can be asked here.[/U] 303 West Cordova St. 604-688-8892 We just got our reorder of our new denim brand Naked & Famous. Raw, Japanese denim ranging from $100 - $148. Also, we just got Earnest Sewns AECS, standing for An Earnest Cut & Sew. These jeans are limited to 250 worldwide and each pair is unique to their own wash and distressing. The craftsmanship on these are amazing. blog at: [URL] Come by and check them out.

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Hi, anybody know where to buy the purple pidgeon sbs in van?

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I was just wondering if the white ones are gonna release at the adidas heritage store in vancouver tomorrow? thanks>smh

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Hey all, finally the Canadian forum is back! I am from Vancouver, where are you from?

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