Still filled with Pinoys and Cacs? [Image]

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I know we have a lot of people on here that are in the military. I'm just wondering for a person who doesn't have a lot of options, is this the best choice? I really aint tryna fight no wars, just use it as an opportunity to learn something and get a career. I'd rather hear from actual experiences than a recruiter because I'm sure they promise you the world.

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Old Thread but I thought I would ask the new heads. Who would it be? I'm talking a fair fight but you feel like it would be a challenge. So no Tyga or Soulja Boy answers. I think I would fight 2chains. He's a tall dude like me and prolly got a good reach.

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Shit is hilarious. So is Nathan for You. Y'all watch either?

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Don't do it. You already making it 10x more complicated than it needs to be and you gon fuck up. When you see her. Don't hesitate. Don't think "damn I want her".  Go get her my nigga. Start a convo and let that shit flow naturally. Fuck rejection. You aint gon never get the pussy if you don't try. [Image] Just tryna help ya'll out there.

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Everytime I go I leave with the money I spent and like 30 bucks. I never get the urge to keep going. I know when to walk away like my Nigga Kenny Rogers You think if I went big I could make some doe? I'll break you HB niggas off. Just not oneallah.[Image]

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Its the faggots who get pissed off when they see a celebrity they don't like wearing a brand they jack off to. Like the brand was specifically made from them and shit. These brands are about making money and nothing more. Or when a brand is sold at zumiez and tillys and shit. It's a chance for a brand to expand. You think a brands not gunna want to be sold at wal mart and make some money just cuz Joe Faggot Fairfax won't be into it anymore?

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When I talk to women, do interviews, or class speeches I do so much better when I'm unprepared and wing it. I think when I do the opposite I over analyze shit and fuck up. I had a class recently that I never went to and didn't do any of the assignments. I show up on the last day our presentation is due an hour late, make up bullshit throughout the powerpoint, and get a C in the class. Anybody else like this?

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Brad Paisley's part was iight but LL. This nigga is either trolling or [Image] "if you don't judge my do-rag/I won't judge your red flag" "if you don't judge my gold chains/ I'll forget the iron chains" [Embed content]

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For me it was BAPE. Signed up on bt and bt2 looking for clothes then found out about HB. How'd yall get here?

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[Image] [URL]

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This nigga is literally everything that's wrong with hiphop. I'm tired of these hipster "im from the suburbs but i listen to trap music" niggas. Major labels trying to pass him off as Independent to appeal to these fuck niggas and make a song about a god damn thrift store.This nigga has the #1 hiphop song on the radio, but NO hiphop stations play that shit.

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Ya'll always claiming to be "different" or on some "next level shit son" but ya'll the corniest niggas who stay doing the lamest shit. Coping niggas from every region. The West. The South. I think its this new New York. Cuz I used to fuck with ya'll, but now [Image]

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