Im not to sure about their new denim flannel baseball shirts [URL]  I mean they look alright but everything supreme does is so hyped. Maybe its just my opinion wanted to know what everyone else thought on it.

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Ok I saw these on tumblr and was blown away with these (im a jackethead) i mean like carhartt has nothing on this [URL]

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mate use karmaloop and use my rep code in my signiture, also try moose lmt @ or you can find some dope as stuff from culture kings and australian store.

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Those stickers are dope, btw you logo is awesome nice simple and smart mate good stuff

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I wish perth had stuff like this

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[Quote]mate plndr always has discounts use (unidiscount) in the rep code part. Gourmet's stuff is different and not that hyped with the prices which is great still think that these are dope af[Image]

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No Doubt Dimond Supply is going to be great 2014.

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They should make a football jersey and colab with a dope as music artist

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