I'm looking to expand my tee-shirt collections. What are some t-shirt companies similar to uniqlo, bbc, supreme, stussy, and bape?

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gross dude

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look at black on black janoskis

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id say prob around 15

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i would go with vans eras ther only $40 dollars and they go with most outfits, especially the navy eras

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albums top 3 of the year. every song is dope especially popular demand

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dumbass move, he shoulda just released Relapse 2. Only dope songs on re-release are Forever, Elevator, and Taking My Ball.

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check out Mr. Hudson's Straight No Chaser, Clipse's Till the Casket Drops, and Timbaland's Shock Value 2.

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I'm a dude but I'm not gonna lie I'm feeling gaga's new album. All the songs are sick except Teeth

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sick song Drake's verse is the best.

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So I’m throwin flames atcha Ima preach to your ass lik a fly pastor Listen to what im sayin I sound lik a rap master I haven’t been noticed yet like I’m Casper This beat wont slow down, but it prob wont go faster Fuck the chitta chat Gimme a break like a kit kat Cuz Il knock you out like Casey at the bat Don’t beef are you kidding me My crew has more guidos than 1950s Little Italy I have a P.H.D. in international affairs So if you read between the lines I’ve been through alotta hair But I’m actually kinda upset by haters unlike Brisco Cuz I got more rhymes than r square feet in San Francisco Im not Jeezy but Il talk about responsibilidad de fiscal I got more chips than kilos My confidence appears stronger than Ferigno Ive never had E or blow Or gotten crunk of platinum petrone Im slightly chubby but don’t call me Joe With the best rappers I wanna go toe-to-toe I churn out music like its my job, If rapping was baseball I would be A-Rod, I don’t know much bout hockey But Im sur this will land me a five minute penalty My shit is lik philosophy, Similar to Sophocles or Socrates, But you’ll never be as cool as me not even eventually Cuz my rhymes reap you like a state penitentiary

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You all addicted to this shit that I'm spittin outta spleen like a fiend, Cuz of that I'm a lean mean money makin machine, Gettin green like a queen, Hip-hop needs me, The new generation's Rakim

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i would def say tan sperry's topsiders. they go well w almost any outfit and over time fit to your foot. also they handle rain well

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What are some shoes people would recommend with an outfit of khaki shorts and a collard shirt?

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