Can I have you say, "I'm not a cop" first?

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I wear colored socks if I'm wearing boots or sometimes with loafers. Look at Uniqlo for nice, cheap socks. If I'm wearing basketball shoes I just wear black ankle socks though.

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People can't honestly be fans of that cookie cutter domo 23 shit, can they? Bimmer sounds ok though.

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I pray I have all sons.

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[Quote]This. Obama is fucking stupid, but everyone that voted for him is just as bad.

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[Quote]Let's be real...

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People are actually feeling butt hurt over this? Sheltered pinoy life might not make it.

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Don't ever buy Kors watches.. the quality is so damn shitty, but I guess they're cheap. Save up for a good time piece, it's a great investment.

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Asapjunior, keep living that peasant lifestyle, you child. edit nvm

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An alpha male is someone who doesn't browse this site.

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Lets be real. If you were someone else, would you want to hang out with yourself after reading this post? Fuck no. You sound really fucking boring, and you're acting like people are going to just come up to you and befriend you. Man the fuck up and get out there instead of posting on a forum acting like a damn pity party. The worst thing that can happen is you get turned down. At least you fucking tried. edit: or join a fraternity so you can get the pussy hazed out of you.

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Good lord willy. I just ate and your making me hungry. That Grimaldis. smokeyfacesmokeyface

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RIP Alaska

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I just use It's like a google site.

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