putting my trend-spotting skills to good use

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I just think its funny YG called her out for the shit sounding like a DJ Mustard beat because I literally thought he produced that song until I saw YG said that

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idk honestly the whole idea of literally selling your pussy is just unethical to me, can't respect it. Not even for me to judge but not for wifey

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[Embed content] so like... yeah...

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Or are you more comfortable in the role of the follower? Loners?

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make no mistake, Zuckerberg is one of the bad guys

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its just rich people but don't think for a second that these people haven't long since given up any shred of human decency in the name of wealth and power, there's not much I would put past them as far as conspiracies

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Look at how many dudes in this thread think. Good bad or indifferent thats the reason why women would do well to exercise modesty, the nature of men is savage shit and when they leave the house looking "cute" and just trying to beat the heat they not really thinking too hard about all the filthy images they're conjuring up in nigga's minds. Idk where you niggas is from but out here, especially in brooklyn, there just be hella niggas posted on the street talkin all kinds of crazy to every even semi-attractive girl that pass them by. It be really annoying a lot of the female homeys n shit, I always tell em like yo there's really not much you can do but deal with it and creep dudes gon' creep and all that but still this isn't even reserved for chicks in revealing outfits or anything these sudes just go all out and while I dont think its the end of the world its def gotta be a drag to just have to deal with that shit all the time. I personally hate it when muhfuckas try to talk to me on the street when Im movin.

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somebody needs to beat this dude's ass

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They seem to not understand that men seeing them as sex objects, while admittedly degrading, is beneficial to them in many ways that they are reluctant to address.

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Chicks definitely have it bad but the thing is they always want equality on their own terms which is a losing battle. Men obviously hold the power and influence in society so if they want to be respected on the level that men respect other men they have to conduct themselves in a way that men would find respectable. But they don't want to do that because after all the rhetoric they still value their femininity too much to concede things like "nobody is required to care about your feelings and/or experience" or "the only way to get people to respect you is to command it not demand it"

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[Embed content] I fuck wit shit like this, I guess you could classify it as like "folk" but just in general like Tom Waits type Americana singer-songwriter shit. MGMT has some real dope lyrics too to just throw one name out.

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You niggas opinions be so biased you dont even see how stupid you look lol. "Trap" music is not rap about trapping or being in the trap it's a sound. Obviously the term comes from that but as of the present moment its evident it has mutated into something else. The fact that "trap" is now an edm sub-genre pretty much shows that the sonic qualities that defined "trap" music are easy to isolate and are now a standalone framework to be utilized by Flosstradamus and Katy Perry. If you said any rapper created trap you're an idiot. And to the dude that said nobody listens to music older than 50 years old, no, you're just ignorant, if you can't tell how much of your favorite music is informed by producers with a deep encyclopedic knowledge of musicology then this whole conversation is over your head to begin with

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[Embed content] yikes

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