I rly like Herschel duffel. [Image] But I need more pockets, at least 2-3 side/zip/whatever pockets. Over the shoulder stuff is required too. Something with similiar nice and clean design? thanks

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Whats lenght of this tee in size "M" pls. anyone? ty so much

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about 100-120 dollars : / do u guys have any ideas ? searching for sometinhg clean... ty

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I'm about 5.8' and 73kg (but going to the gym for 2 years, whatever.. ) What size I should get? How's length of jacket and a sleeves in "L" size? I wear "M" in tees... sometimes L (depends on shear u know..) thanks, rly need to know this cheers.

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is there any chance to find something like this [Image] in ~180 dollars?

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hi, wanna cop pair of these: http://theshoebuff.com/sneakers/converse-chuck-taylor-star-moto-leather-jacket/ but I have never owned a pair of converse shoes before. I have a pair of jordans3 and I wear size us10 / uk9, nike shoes same size What size Converse should I get? appreciate

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