title says it lol. thx!

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got an essay about russian revolution due at 9am. topic: How did the Bolsheviks gain power? any source reference? and how should i start the intro? just need some pointers, help the little guy out here haha thx HB!

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its Trance/House, with some lyrics in it at times, but dont know it. got a nice melody in it, and its pretty recent song, like this year. hope someone got the answer for me blushing

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so i gotta poem due tmr and i am really bad with poems. i want to come up with a poem that has something to do with nature. while presenting this, ill be playing [URL]. help me out here :D

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duno if someone posted this so w/e lol

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where could i get these chips in vancouver??? [URL] Fritos Flavor Twists: Honey BBQ.

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what should i do?

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hey, dunno if this the right area to post but w/e. im looking for a program to mix song for one of my dance routine. and i am tired of recording over and over again with virtual dj to make my song good. basically, any other programs that are great as well?

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i personally like muscles more than imports but dont know much about muscles compared to imports lol. but im considering a project 91' Mustang LX 5.0 with RB26DETT.. it might just work lol

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say like i am importing a car to canada/us from japan. approximately how long would it take for the car to arrive?

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anyone here owns a rx7? im planning on getting a car soon and rx7 FD3S is one the options. its a great car, but i am just worried about the reliability of the engine cuz its rotary lol

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vancouver, lets party hard this friday night

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i need some Levi's Skinny Raw Denim asap. cant really find em in the levi's store, mostly selvege for vancouver

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my supplier went back to toronto. been sober for weeks. fml

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